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Tommy is an actor, singer, and Halloween enthusiast originally from Buffalo, NY: home to the Buffalo Bills, chicken wings, and an absurd amount of snow. His love for the arts began as a small child, when his parents kept him occupied by sitting him in front of the television to show him film classics like My Fair Lady, Music Man, Singing in the Rain, and of course, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Tommy is a graduate from the University at Buffalo where he earned his BFA in Music Theatre. While there, Tommy had the pleasure of studying under many experienced professors, including Nathan R Matthews, Kathleen Golde, Keith Ersing, Maria Horne, Tracy Navarro, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Alison D'Amato, and many more. He has also had the opportunity to meet and/or work with guest directors; such as DJ Salisbury, Keith Andrews, Terry Berliner, and Gary John LaRosa.

His favorite credits include Georg Nowack (She Loves Me), Ariel (Return to the Forbidden Planet), and Black Stache (Peter And The Starcatcher).

When he's not onstage performing, Tommy enjoys watching movies, sketching, hanging from the air in silk fabrics, and getting his Halloween costume ready for the upcoming fall.

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